Get ready for a day of fun and play!

3 zones to conquer with many exciting activities and challenges for the entire family!

Don’t underestimate the simple things that you do with your kids, they make a huge difference!

Spend an afternoon cheering our kids on as they jump into our mini inflatables theme park and tackle carnival games as a family! We promise you will be creating memories that will last a lifetime.

We want every child to know that they are loved by their family, friends and community.

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In our everyday rush, it is easy to forget to appreciate our children and the talents that God has given them.

Let your child unleash their superpowers as they get creative with prophetic art actvities, poetry and even a photo trail.

Let your children amaze you with their masterpiece creations. Every child is unique, talented and created in God’s image!

Find out more in the activities page.

Run, jump, climb and challenge yourself with our Brave obstacle course!

Up and down, through the tunnels and back into the light. Parents, prepare your banners and cheer on your kids as they put themselves to the test!

Beyond just the physical challenges, we want every child to realise that God has made them strong x courageous in Jesus!

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